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At the Valentine Area Arts Council, our mission is clear and simple: we

strive to bring professional arts to entertain and inspire the residents of the Nebraska Sandhills.


Our vision is to reach and serve all people in the city of Valentine and

the surrounding Sandhills communities of Nebraska by providing opportunities for expression, appreciation, and participation with the arts that will appeal to and engage the local community.


Thank you for visiting our website.  Take some time to peruse our info and upcoming events.  We're glad you're here.

School Residency Program


The VAAC partners with the schools in our community to bring the arts to children of all ages.

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In 2024, during the weeks of 1/29 - 2/2 and 2/5 - 2/8, Steven Tamayo will be working with students at various Valentine, Nebraska schools as well as Cody-Kilgore Unified schools.


Steven plans to enhance the student's understanding of the history of Native American peoples of the Great Plains.  The cultural traditions of all Native American peoples of the Great Plains with a focus on the Sicangu Lakota people will be discussed. He will be explaining Nebraska's history through an indigenous perspective.  He will be utilizing the indigenous languages of specific tribal nations with historical natural boundaries. 

The introduction of Native American art will be explained with designs symbolism, numerology, and the color concept, in the Lakota language.  The history of the migration of the horse will be explained along with the symbols painted on and adornment. The dwellings of the plains will be explained.  Features explained will include the construction, material items used, the number of poles, and the explanation of building and sewing of the hides. 

Plants will be discussed.  Aspects of plant discussion will include the use of medicine, edible, spiritual, and drinkable plants, and when to harvest these plants. 

Steven is a traditional gamer, with Indigenous games and creation stories. The virtue and values of the games will be explained and the games will be played. Steven will also be talking about the design and historical content of pieces of clothing worn, along with giving a contemporary twist of today’s fashion.

About Steven (taken from the Nebraska Arts Council website): 

Steve Tamayo draws upon his family history as a member of the Sicangu Lakota tribe. His fine arts education (BFA from Sinte Gleska University), along with his cultural upbringing, have shaped him as an artist, historian, storyteller and dancer. Steve provides activities during his residencies that include art and regalia making, drumming, powwow dance demonstrations and lectures on the history, symbolism and meaning behind the Native customs and traditions.

Steve has considerable experience developing curricula and teaching both youth and adults, including work with the Native American Advocacy Program of South Dakota, Omaha Public Schools, Minnesota Humanities Council and Metropolitan Community College of Omaha. He also leads groups of students and teachers on cultural excursions on the Rosebud reservation, introducing them to the rich culture and way of life that is slowly being revived among native communities. He is a past Governor’s Heritage Art Award recipient, an honor bestowed for his contributions in the arts and Native American culture.


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Ticket Cost

For the second year in a row, the VAAC is offering our performances to the community, free of charge!  A free will donation will be accepted at the door for all of the events listed below.  Or, keep scrolling for more information on becoming a VAAC sponsor!

The following events are being offered free of charge during the 2023-2024 season:


  • String Beans

  • The Will Carter Band

  • Joseph Hall

  • Sundae + Mr. Goessl

  • Kevin and Heidi Cheng

  • The Looney Lutherans



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